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car window repair

At Covington Autoglass, we understand the critical role that glass plays in your vehicle’s safety and aesthetics. That’s why we’re dedicated to providing top-notch auto glass services that combine quality, speed, and affordability.

Whether you’re dealing with a minor chip or a major crack, our expert team is equipped to handle all your auto glass needs, ensuring your vehicle is safe and road-ready in no time. Serving the Covington community, we’re here to offer hassle-free solutions without putting a strain on your budget.

Trust us to make your auto glass issues a thing of the past, with transparent pricing, unparalleled expertise, and a commitment to customer satisfaction. Welcome to peace of mind on the road – welcome to Covington Autoglass.

Our Services


​Each of the services that we provide to the city of Covington are ones that we have focused on and perfected over the years to ensure results. Whether you’re looking to have your services completed within our shop, or on your property with our quality mobile services, you can always rely on our brand of expertise to produce results. We aim to bring the best auto glass repair and replacement that Covington has to offer, and through our attention to detail and focus on results, you can be sure that a phone call to our offices will get you the finished product you’re looking for.


Quality windshield repair is the name of the game with Covington Autoglass. We bring you the capability to deal with chips, cracks and full breaks within your windshield, and provide you with the capability to once again rely on your visibility while driving the streets of Covington. When choosing our professional services, you have the choice of treatment location, and the affordable services you can depend on for long term results.


In the event that repairs to your windshield just aren’t enough, then looking to Covington Autoglass to provide you with the replacement service you need will bring you results. We have the access you need to all manner of windshield options, from custom glass to OEM and more, ensuring that you have the capability to get your replacement quickly. Whether in our shop or on your property, you can rely on our experts for a quality job.


Every window on your vehicle is important, and having the access you need to professional services in order to provide treatment is just as vital. When you pick up the phone and call into the offices of Covington Autoglass, you will quickly be on the line with a professional who can bring you the information you need regarding our services, provide you with quotes, and give you the ability to set your appointments as needed.
autoglass replacement


Just as we bring you the capability to have a new windshield in place, you can also rely on us for replacement of any other glass part of your vehicle. From side windows to mirrors, we have the services you need to get quality replacement fast. We provide you with a wide list of options when it comes to your choice of glass replacement, and the professional installations that you can rely on for the life of your vehicle.
car window repair


We provide the Covington area the repair services needed for all manner of auto glass, and whether you have a passenger side window broken, or a crack in the rear window, you can depend on our professionals for quick and accurate results. We also bring you the seal replacement services you need to have a fully operational system. No matter the part of your vehicle, we have the solutions you need for dependability.


Not every repair need will give you the capability to make it to a service shop in safety, which is one of the reasons why we bring you a fully stocked set of options when it comes to mobile auto glass repair and replacement. No matter the service you need in these regards, you can depend on our professionals to provide you with results you can count on. From the shop to your yard, we are always hard at work for your needs.


“As the owner of a small limousine fleet, I need a reliable auto glass service who is available. I have been working with Covington Autoglass for a couple years now, and they have always been dependable with their services, and the affordability just can't be beat in the area.”

“After ignoring a chip on my windshield for a year, it eventually developed to a full spider web of cracks. I brought my vehicle to Covington Autoglass for service, and they got right to work. The turnaround time was quick, and the service was cheaper than I thought.”

“I was in a fender bender that somehow only affected my bumper and windshield. I called Covington Autoglass for a replacement, and they gave me a lot of options to choose from. After the new windshield arrived, they came to my home to install it. Great Service all around.”


The first step in professional repair and replacement services for your vehicle starts with picking up the phone and contacting our experts. We bring you a simple means of communication that gets you on the line quickly with a knowledgeable individual who can provide you with the information you need quickly, and have your services on the way. When making the choice to bring in the professionals at Covington Autoglass you have the means to quick, reliable and affordable offerings, and each of the services that we bring you are directed to this means in the Covington area.

Covington Autoglass is the team of auto glass technicians that you want to have repairing your auto glass. If you have been constantly searching auto glass repair near me, and auto glass technician near me, you need to look no further. Trust our team to give you the solutions your vehicle needs. We are dedicated, hard-working, efficient, and quick. Call Covington Autoglass today!

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